Battlefield 3 Mutliplayer Gametypes

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September 27, 2011 - The Battlefield 3 beta began today for certain lucky individuals, and the rest of the world can join in starting on Thursday the 29th. This beta only give access to the 'Operation Metro' map and the 'Rush' gametype, which are the same things that were available in the alpha build. The beta only runs until October 10, so make sure to try out this amazing game while you can. In addition, any feedback you provide to DICE will go towards improving the final version of the game.

The only problem with the beta is that you won't be able to try out the other multiplayer modes that Battlefield 3 has to offer. There are five different gametypes available at launch, although it's possible that more could eventually be released through downloadable content packs. Keep reading to discover everything you can about each of the available gametypes so that you will be prepared on launch day.

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