Top 10 Games That Should Be Movies

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For whatever reason, Hollywood just hasn't figured out how to make a truly successful video game to movie adaptation. It keeps pumping out the same tired formula over and over again, and the people act surprised when it fails.

Nearly every video game movie produced so far has flopped, with the exception of a few notable titles like 'Resident Evil,' 'Prince of Persia,' and 'Tomb Raider.' Even the films that managed to make a profit weren't really that great, so the obvious takeaway is that games simply cannot become good movies. However, any serious gamer can tell you that is simply not the case.

The real problem here lies with the movie studios and producers. Many people, especially those of older generations, hold a low opinion of video games and simply don't understand what makes them so attractive. In pretty much every game to movie adaptation so far, the game is completely re-envisioned to the point where it barely resembles the original. While I understand the need to be original and creative, I don't see how you end up with something as ridiculous as the 1993 live-action version of 'Super Mario Bros.'

Aside from terrible direction, the biggest problem actually lies with with correct game choice. I'm tired of Hollywood trying to breathe life into a game that has little to no storyline, and that needs to change if video game films (and video games in general) are to start gaining any respect. There are many games out there that have created amazingly interesting worlds for film to explore, if Hollywood directors can just get off their high horses and respect the artistry of game designers.

Following is my list of the top 10 video games that I want to be made into movies, some of which I've learned are already in production! Just cross your fingers that they don't screw them up.