Celeb Style Profile: Steve Jobs

A Look at Genius 1 of 10

October 5, 2011

With the death of Apple, Inc. founder Steve Jobs, the world loses a revolutionary mind, an innovator and an inspiration. While Steve was a technological guru, his fashion sense was, well, understated. Although baffling considering his cash flow, the Apple man's uniform of a black turtleneck and jeans became his calling card and developed an almost endearing quality.

According to the Huffington Post, other tech hot shots tried to follow suit by mimicking Steve's recognizable fashions. They failed of course, but not before finding out exactly what brand of turtleneck he wore (VONROSEN) and flooding the manufacturer with orders this past June.

Continue on to see Steve through the years in his best black, the way only he could pull it off.

Above: Steve Jobs in Berlin in 2008, six months before a medical leave of absence.


Natalie Moya | ChaCha Style & Beauty