10 Guy Movies Your Girl May Actually Like

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Men, you may be familiar with one of the following situations:

  1. You're hanging out with your significant other, or with a mixed group of friends, and you find out that a member of the female species has never seen one of your all-time favorite dude-centric movies. How could she have not seen 'The Terminator'?! How does a person live without ever enlightening herself to the wonders of 'The Godfather' or 'Rocky'? You want to step in and rescue them from their ignorance, but before the words can even escape your lips, you remember who you're dealing with: women.
  2. You've already earned the title of Amazing Guy many times over. You've sat through your fair share of 'Pretty Women.' You've suffered the consequences of daring question the greatness of 'Titanic': three plus hours of watching your female companion ooh and ahh over Leo's blue eyes, and the tears - my goodness, the tears. You're overdue for a manly movie choice, right? I mean... right?

As a woman, I'll admit that we can sometimes (or always) be really stubborn when it comes to watching movies.  I will even go so far as to say that the men in my life are probably more willing to sit through a repeat viewing of 'Dirty Dancing' than my female friends would be willing to put up with watching even 1/3 of 'Fight Club.'

So how do you proceed? How do you pick a movie that suits your particular craving for masculinity, but also doesn't scare her off in the process?

In the vein of my previous "10 Chick Flicks Your Guy May Actually Like" list, I've compiled a list of ten films that are typically considered "guy movies," but that most girls will actually really enjoy. I think if you choose one of these movies for your next boy/girl movie night, you'll be pleasantly surprised by her reaction. Click through to see my selections!