Creepy Creatures from Latin America

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Ahuizotl (or Ahuizhotl), meaning "water oppossum," is a legendary creature from Aztec culture. It is also called the "Sun Dog" and it resembles a medium-sized dog with monkey paws and a human hand at the end of its tail. The Ahuizhotl has also been described to resemble an otter with five hands, with one on its tail.

It lives near or in water, and it drags people and fishermen under water using the hand on its tail. The creature is known to be manipulative and viscious. And here is the gross eats only the eyes, teeth and nails.

Although it is said to be a mythical creature, it is described in Book 11 of the Florentine Codex, and Christopher Columbus mentioned a very similar creature in a letter to the King and Queen of Spain [July 7, 1503]. 

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