Horrible Bosses: The 10 Worst Video Game Bosses of All Time

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October 20, 2011 - Designing a great video game is an overwhelming task that takes a lot of planning and dedication to pull off, so it's really sad to see a great game fall apart right at the end. Unfortunately this happens all too often, as most developers just don't seem to grasp what a final boss needs to be. Instead we end up with something completely underwhelming or extremely frustrating that leaves players scratching their heads.

If a final boss is too easy the game becomes anticlimactic, but if it's too hard then players will get frustrated and the story's pacing will be disrupted. While I admit that creating an awesome final boss is a hard task, it usually seems like the developers just ran out of ideas.

From the frustrating to the pathetic, I've compiled the worst of the worst into one list. Continue reading to check out all 10 horrible bosses!