Ten Amazing Urban Legends That Are Actually True

Atari's Buried Treasure 1 of 11

Legend: After sales at Atari slumped in 1982, they found themselves with more than 5 million unsold game cartridges. Many of those cartridges contained the E.T. game, which is known as one of the worst games of all time. Instead of selling them at discounted prices, they simply buried them in a landfill in the New Mexico desert.

This is true! Actually, it wasn't just game cartridges that were buried, but unsold consoles and other merchandise as well. Fourteen truckloads of unsold merchandise were send to a city landfill in Alamogordo, NM from Atari's El Paso, TX factory in 1983. To keep the merchandise from being looted, the company ordered that the merchandise be rolled over by steamrollers, and then had a concrete slab poured over what was left. A group funded by Microsoft excavated the site in 2014 and found about 1,300 games that were then sold for charity.