Alcohol Killed Amy Winehouse

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October 26, 2011

This week, the coroner confirmed that Amy Winehouse died as a direct result of over-consumption. At the time of her death, Amy Winehouse's blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit.

In the UK, this tragedy is known as, "Death by misadventure." Coroner Suzanne Greenaway said that Winehouse voluntarily pounded an extraordinary amount of liquor the night before her death on July 23.

Winehouse's family released a statement regarding the news. They said, "It is some relief to finally find out what happened to Amy. We understand there was alcohol in her system when she passed away, it is likely a build up of alcohol in her system over a number of days." They continued, "The court heard that Amy was battling hard to conquer her problems with alcohol and it is a source of great pain to us that she could not win in time. She had started drinking again that week after a period of abstinence."

Though it is sad, perhaps this news will bring peace to family and friends. The family thanks the many who continue to support the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Emily Keck, ChaCha Music