Top 15 Xbox Live Arcade Games

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October 31, 2011 - Before the Xbox 360 came around, the only way to get a console video game was to buy one at a retail store. Even in the PC world, retail copies were preferred and digital downloads were just beginning to catch on. The Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 presented an entirely new concept that players could buy and download games directly to their console.

Things are extremely different now, as just about every Xbox 360 game can be downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace. In addition, a whole new class of simple, compact games was created in Xbox Live Arcade titles. These less detailed but still very enjoyable games sell for a fraction of the cost of a retail video games and have actually provided some of the most memorable experiences on the Xbox 360.

Keep reading to see the entire list of the top 15 Xbox Live Arcade games. If you've overlooked the value of these games so far, then make sure to check out the top titles on this list. If you're already a fan of the Xbox Live Arcade, then maybe you'll find something you haven't played and need to add to your collection.