How-To: Wear a Scarf

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Scarves seem like they would be an easy accessory for anyone to throw on top of any outfit, and they can be. But because scarves can add volume or additional lines to your look, you need to evaluate your body type and what look you want to achieve, just like you would with other clothing. Now, there aren't as many rules when it comes to scarves and body types as there are for, say, jeans; but there are a few basics.

If you are:

1. Busty: Scarves are going to be tricky for you because they are going to add bulk to your already prominent upper body. If you really want to try out a scarf, go for a light, skinny scarf that won't add too much volume. Also, avoid looping the scarf; simply drape it over your neck and let the ends dangle straight down.

2. Pear-Shaped: Scarves can actually be a great asset for you because they draw attention to your upper body and help balance a heavier lower body (i.e. wider hips). If you're not too busty, a chunkier scarf on top would be the best choice.

3. Tall: Scarves can be a great way to break up your tall frame and accentuate your torso if you have lengthy legs, but a scarf that is too long or too short could look awkward. Try to find a scarf (or loop it to adjust the length) that falls near your belly button. If the scarf goes to much past your torso, it might just emphasize your height. If you go with a plain loop scarf or wrap it until it's near your bust, you might look top heavy. It will just take some experimenting!

4. Petit: Lucky you, you can pull off a scarf in any way, shape or form.