How to Find Scholarships

1. Talk to Your Counselor/Academic Advisor 1 of 7

Counselors are there for a reason - they are there to listen to you and guide you in the right direction. If you are lucky, your counselor will be uber-awesome and give you thousands of tips on how to:

  • Find the right colleges [for you]
  • Find scholarships
  • Get involved at school and in your community [trust me, it pays off]
  • Create a resume or curriculum vitae
  • Network with others that have similar interests and hobbies
  • Find organizations that can provide resources pertaining to higher education
  • Figure out your main interests, so that you can pursue them beyond high school

Also, ask your counselor these two things: 1) If there are any organizations or groups that provide scholarships, or tools to find scholarships; and 2) If there are any clubs that provide scholarships if you join.

Trina Otero • Culture & Politics Writer