What Are The Most Famous Sexual Innuendos From Disney Films?

The Rescuers - Topless Woman 1 of 8

In Disney's 1977 film 'The Rescuers,' the sexual innuendo is not an animated blunder like in other films. It's actually a very real photograph of a topless woman.

Disney claims that since the image is a photograph and not animated, it must have been inserted in post-production. The image appears twice, once at the top of the screen and once at the bottom, during the scene where Miss Bianca and Bernard are flying on Orville's back through New York City.

Thankfully for the kiddies, the film runs too fast for the images to be seen at regular viewing speed, and one would have to know exactly where to pause the film and play it in slow motion to even see it. But we will always know it was there!

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