Getting Off the Couch: The Best Workout Video Games

10. Wii Fit 1 of 11

It's hard for anyone to find the motivation to work out, and gamers have an especially tough time getting off the couch and being active. However, the addition of motion-controlled gaming to home video game consoles finally has gamers up and moving again. While all motion controlled games burn calories, this list focuses on the ones that will work you into a sweat. If you're looking to drop weight or even gain a bit of muscle tone, you should definitely look into these games.

In the number 10 slot is Wii Fit, which is an excellent starting point for someone that is extremely out of shape or has never worked out before. This game focuses on balance and/or strength training to burn calories and build muscles. More experienced people will find the workouts a bit too easy, but anyone can enjoy this simple game.