Playing Outside: 10 Awesome Outdoor Games

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These days it seems like all of our free time is spent indoors, and even if we go outside it's simply to travel from one place to another. The modern idea of free time is spent watching TV, surfing the Internet, playing video games, or just being lazy. While these activities aren't bad in and of themselves, we're really robbing ourselves of one of the greatest perks of life: playing outside. Whether you're a child or an adult, playing games outside is fun and will keep you active. Read through this list of awesome outdoor games and start enjoying your afternoons!

First up is the classic and ever-popular game, capture the flag. For the best experience, play in a wooded area or neighborhood so that there is limited line-of-sight from one side to the other. Each team places their flag (which can be any type of brightly colored cloth) in a visible location, and a center line between the two sides is decided. Once players cross the center line, they are vulnerable to capture and go to "jail" when touched by a member of the other team. The first team to take the opposing team's flag across the center line is the winner.