Impressive Bar Tricks

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If you're looking to impress friends and strangers at your local bar or pub, then you should learn some of these simple and impressive bar tricks. These awesome magic tricks are easy to pull off and will put you at the center of attention! They might even earn you some free drinks!

Let's begin with the amazing reversing glasses trick. To pull this off, you'll need one shot glass filled with water, a shot glass filled with whiskey, and some type of card (playing card, driver's license, or business card). Bet that you can switch the contents of both glasses without pouring out the contents, and then place the card over the water glass. Carefully flip the water glass while holding the card on tight. Place the glasses on top of each other with the card in the middle. Carefully pull the card aside until a tiny gap is formed on one side between the glasses. Watch and be amazed as the contents are swapped!