10 Makeup Mistakes Not to Make

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This is probably the most common makeup mistake. If you are a drugstore makeup shopper, it's likely that you've come out with a color too light, too dark or too orange for your natural skin tone. Finding the right shade when you can't try it on your skin seems nearly impossible. The best solution is to go with a more quality makeup that you can find at the department store or a beauty store, where consultants will test out a number of choices to help you find the perfect shade and return policies for unsatisfied ladies are very accommodating. If Covergirl or Revlon are as far as your budget will stretch, try to stick to these guidelines:

  • Determine if you are a "warm" or a "cool": Look at the veins on your wrists. If they are greener, you are a "warm." If they are bluer, you are "cool." If they aren't more of one color than the other, you are probably in the neutral middle. Many brands divide their shades into these categories, so this is a good start.
  • Find sample swatches: Some makeup lines have a swatch chart for shoppers to gauge their tones, but I rarely see these in stores. Hop online before you buy, and check out the shades for the brand you want to try.
  • Shop adjacent: To find the closest match possible, purchase the shade you think is correct, plus a shade darker and a shade lighter. This isn't the most economical way to shop, but it will get you the best color. Try the shade you think fits best first, so if it is correct, you can return the other two (check with store cosmetics return policies before you buy!). If it's not, carefully decide if you need the darker or the lighter shade so that you can at least return one of your three choices.
  • Department store match: If you have the guts to have a makeup counter consultant at the department store match your color without actually purchasing the makeup (they don't like this, as you might guess), then you can do a quick Google search of the exact brand and shade to find a drugstore match.  
  • Keep in mind that the correct foundation shade is one that will blend into your skin when applied, almost disappearing while covering imperfections.

Natalie Moya | ChaCha Style & Beauty