How Did The Jersey Shore Members Get Their Nicknames

Mike " The Situation " Sorrentino 1 of 4

A cocky attitude and a pretty nice set of abs is what Mike Sorrentino became known for on the Jersey Shore. Many Americans wouldn't even know him if they heard his real name as he's forever known as "The Situation". But how did this hunk become known by this seemingly odd name? By some hot chick admiring his awesome body of course!

One hot day in Jersey, Mike and some of his friends were walking the beach shirtless, and a female couldn't help but stop and admire the work of Mike's teriffic abs. Her boyfriend was less than thrilled to have his girlfriend talking to another guy so they began to argue. When one of Mike's guy friends heard the commotion, he said, "Looks like we have a situation here". After that day, Mike took it upon himself to be known as, "The Situation".