10 Dating + Love Apps

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You've seen the commercials. Apple prides itself on having thousands of apps available in its App Store -- one for every task imaginable, including love and dating. The App Store is chalk full of apps to connect with others, get advice, and find inspiration.

And some surveys report that people are turning to dating apps more frequently than dating websites. Flurry, an app analytics company, suggests that having a mobile dating service allows for last-minute meet ups and instant access wherever you are.

Want to give it a try? Here's a few dating apps and other fun stuff we checked out:

Dating DNA (free and paid versions): iTunes #1 selling dating app, DNA matches people with a "compatibility threshold" and lets you see their compatibility score. You can meet people, view their profiles and pictures, and chat.

Boyfriend Trainer (free): Vent your relationship frustrations in this game, which allows you to "crack that whip" on your virtual boy toy. The app lets you train your guy at different locations and even includes a leash.

Love Notes (free): This little app offers quotes and thoughts on love, letting you save your favorites or send them to a special someone.

SmartDating (free): This app uses your location to find new connections and maps where your matches are located. It allows you to chat and sync with your Facebook account.

Horoscopes (free): This horoscope app provides your daily reading, including measurements on love and emotions.

The Boyfriend Calculator (free): Choose the qualities you want in a man using your profile's slider settings, and find your closest matches!

Match.com (free, but must be a site member; also on Android): The popular dating website has made its service mobile. If you currently have a subscription to the site, download this app to view your matches and email them wherever you are.

How to Get a Girlfriend (free): For the socially challenged, this app offers tips on how to talk to girls and land yourself a babe. Even provides warnings and videos.

BreakkUp (free): Going through a rough patch? This app let's you post your problems and get advice from others.

Boyfriend Rater (free, Android only): If you can't decide for yourself, use this app to find out how your boyfriend measures up by answering a series of questions.


Natalie Moya | Relationships & Dating