The Reigning Class of Indie Starlets

Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells 1 of 11


Former schoolteacher Alexis Krauss and her Sleigh Bells partner in crime, Derek Miller, stormed on to the indie rock scene in 2010 with a massive-sounding squall of a debut album, Treats. The shrieking guitars and heavy cheerleader beats turned ears in parts well beyond NYC as Treats songs found their way into countless electronic platforms including video games, Gossip Girl and MTV's Skins.


Krauss's Bettie Page on an ink binge style and her fetish for wild shades and Chicago Bulls jerseys onstage have spawned myriad followers even in indie rock's most too-cool-for-school sectors. Sleigh Bells’ brand new album, Reign of Terror, should keep Krauss in the spotlight for quite some time.