10 Reasons to Hate Chris Brown

1. Domestic Abuse 1 of 11

Back in 2009, Chris Brown beat his then-girlfriend, pop icon Rihanna, to a pulp the night before the Grammys. At the 2012 Grammys, he was featured as a performer not once, but twice, and was even allowed on stage to accept an award, thanking God for his renewed career.

Guess what, world? It doesn't matter how much time goes by. Domestic abuse is still domestic abuse, and it's still never okay, and it still hurts the abused person years after it takes place. Trying to brush this situation under the rug only makes matters worse for people everywhere who have been or continue to be stuck in abusive relationships. It sends the message that domestic abuse is okay, as long as you're a sexy entertainment star and you say you're sorry after.

Brown did get in trouble for the events, and he did issue an apology. It is admirable for a person to admit to their bad behavior and try to leave it in the past and become a better person. However, no one should ever make light of an abusive situation, and the fact that Brown has proceeded to act like it wasn't really all that bad on multiple occasions is probably the biggest reason of all to not support him as an artist. Hate is a strong word, but should we really put such a person back in the limelight?

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