What Are Some Tipping Horror Stories?

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It's common knowledge that servers at restaurants and bars make practically nothing from their hourly wage, typically downward of $3 an hour. So it has become customary in our society to tip our waiters and waitresses for their services. We're all guilty of skipping a tip here or there or jotting down a measly $2 for our $20 dinner, whether its because you are lazy, broke or just bad at math. But some people take it too far.

The rules of tipping are not hard and fast, but it's usually polite to tip 15 percent for adequate service and 20 percent or more for satisfactory or above average service. If you legitimately get terrible, unacceptable service, then maybe these guidelines can be overlooked. But in general, If you don't understand this concept or just refuse to acknowledge it, do everyone a favor and eat at home.

Check out these totally jerky tippers, like the generous gentleman above. Yep, that little word of gratitude was his tip. Jerk.