Lame Toys That Used to Be Cool

Furby Loves You...Forever 1 of 11

The people that created toy commercials in the 90s were absolute geniuses because every single toy and game just looked like so much fun! While some classic board games and vintage toys still have fond places in our hearts, certain toys were forgettable, dangerous, or just plain annoying.

The first and most obvious toy on this list is the dreaded Furby. This toy was obviously targeted at girls with its fluffy body and cutesy voice, but boys liked the high tech aspect of Furby's artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, this cutesy toy is only amusing for a day or two, and then it just becomes needy and extremely annoying. The only way to completely shut down Furby is to remove the battery, so most people simply shoved it in a dark closet hoping to never accidentally awake the dreaded little monster ever again.