The Non Gamblers Guide to Vegas

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Las Vegas ins't just for gamblers. There are so many different things to do while you are in town, it's mind boggling. It is impossible to be bored. So, the next time your friends want to take a trip to Vegas, GO! Here is a great guide for things to do on or near the famous Las Vegas Strip. Most of it is in walking distance, depending on the location of your hotel.

Don't worry about renting a car, unless you plan on sightseeing beyond the Strip. If you do, car rental rates are terrific from the airport. It is a good idea to reserve a car when making flight arrangements. The public bus service runs 24 hours and cheap bus tickets are available in kiosks at every stop. They take credit cards too! There are bus passes available that are good for 24 hours at a very low rate. You can't go wrong!