Did You Know These Health Habits Could Kill You?

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There's a new health terror sweeping the nation called the "Triangle of Death," and it lives on your face. Dr. Oz coined the term when he covered this health hazard on his show. The triangle includes the areas of your face extending from the corners of your mouth to the bridge of your nose. 

What makes the area so dangerous is that the blood vessels there drain to the back of the head and connect to the veins at the base of the brain, which pumps that blood throughout the rest of the body. Any damage that breaks the skin in the triangle exposes the body to bacteria and infections, which can cause headaches, blindness, paralysis, and even death.

Maybe you should think twice before you pop that zit or try to get the crust out of your nose after a cold. Don't believe me? Click on for 9 health habits that can actually kill you.