Best Stoner Munchies for the Buck

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Any stoner can tell you that smoking marijuana makes you really hungry. Marijuana enhances the senses, so pretty much everything tastes amazing. The problem lies with quantity versus quality, since you can't afford to down $20 worth of food every time you get high. Stock up on these cheap munchies now, and you'll thank yourself later.

First on the list is a staple of drunks, stoners, and college students everywhere. Taco Bell is the epitome of cheap and tasty fast food. Head on through the drive thru and grab a Taco Party Pack for the best deal. That's 12 tacos for just $10, or 6 tacos for $5 if you split it with your buddy. If you can't spring that kind of cash, then don't pass up on the $2 Meal Deal that comes with a burrito, chips, and a drink.