Movies To Boost Your Self-Image

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Everyone, male and female, needs a little pick-me-up now and again, and most of us are unhappy with ourselves in one way or another. For many of us, that self-loathing stems from the words and actions of the bullies around us who, for one reason or another, feel the need to constantly tear us down. For others, it's all self-inflicted. But whether it's our jiggly thighs, round belly, bald head, or scrawny physique, we've all got insecurities that can drag us down.

It's time to combat all of that self-pity with some positivity and find a way to embrace ourselves for exactly who we are: beautiful, lovable, and amazing people with a lot to offer the world! Click through this gallery to check out 10 of the best confidence-boosting movies in existence!


- Allison Weaver, ChaCha Entertainment