TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Early

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When it comes to quality television series, a lot of things can happen:

  1. A show can be picked up and run for the appropriate amount of time (which is rare).
  2. It can overstay its welcome (which isn't rare enough).
  3. It can be cancelled far too early, living on only in the land of TV shows on DVD, Hulu Plus, and Netflix online streaming.

In many cases of shows that are put to rest far ahead of their time, networks simply give up on them before they have a chance to develop a real following. Sometimes fans are able to make their voices heard and resurrect their favorite series, as was the case with 'Chuck,' 'Scrubs,' 'Family Guy,' and 'Friday Night Lights,' but usually they fall by the wayside, never to be heard from again.

Click through this gallery to check out 10 television shows that only made it 1-3 seasons before being doomed to cancellation hell!