The Characters of The Hunger Games

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'The Hunger Games' began as the first in a popular series of books written by Susanne Collins. Published in September of 2008, the books have grown into a cult hit. With themes revolving around political unrest and anti-establishment sentiments, this book has become a commentary on our own current national climate. While the book series has been marketed mostly to readers in the young adult category, the story's popularity has been quickly growing among older audiences as well.

'The Hunger Games' takes place once every year in the post-apocolyptic country of Panem. As punishment for an uprising years before, each of the 12 districts must send one boy and one girl in tribute to the capitol of Panem. There, these children, ages 12-18, are forced to compete to the death against each other in what is known as The Arena. The reward for winning is a relative life of ease back home, but there is no second place. There can only be one winner of 'The Hunger Games.'