90s Guy Essentials

If You Had or Loved These Items, You Were Probably a 90s Guy! 1 of 16

Back in the 1990s, or as us old-timers would like to call them, "the good old days," young boys everywhere obsessed over everything from state of the art video game consoles to basketball teams. Guys had their own particular brand of fun during the decade, and more often than not it involved items with which they could torture the opposite sex.

I would know. I'm a 90s girl, and in my family I was surrounded by a mob of ornery 90s boys. As the only girl, I was outnumbered by my brother and cousins, who knew just the right guns and toys to use to take me down. There was no such thing as rescuing the damsel in distress, because she was the #1 target!

But all childhood bitterness aside, the point I'm trying to make is that I've dealt with my share of 90s boys, and I know how they tick. Click through this gallery to see some of the items 90s boys would've loved, owned, or wanted to own in the greatest decade for childhood fun!


- Allison Weaver, ChaCha Entertainment