Harry Potter-Themed Weddings

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Themed weddings are not a new idea by any means. For decades couples have centered the decorations, place settings, wedding cake, and invitations around popular (and sometimes not so popular) concepts. It started with more common sense ideas like heritage-themed weddings (think Scottish, Indian, Irish, etc.), seasonal wedding themes like Christmas and fall, and location-themed weddings like the beach. But then it got weird.

There have been 'Star Trek' weddings, Halloween-themed weddings, 'Gone with the Wind' weddings, Beatles-themed weddings--on and on, ad nauseam! Pop culture is now a hotbed for wedding themes, and what are popular right are books. So it should come as no surprise that Harry Potter has managed to invisibility-cloak his way into the nuptials of modern-day couples. If you want to Potterize your wedding, take a quill from the brides and grooms that have gone before you and check out these Potter-rific wedding ideas!

- Megan Rohrer | ChaCha Web Writer