9 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood in Minutes

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When the pressures of school, work, relationships, friends, family, kids, church, chores, errands, etc. all press in at the same time (and when don't they anymore?!), it's no surprise that we're often finding ourselves in bad moods. Bad moods wreak havoc on our health, clogging our arteries, creating wrinkles in our skin, increasing our waist lines, and taking years off of our lives.

But don't let all the bad news railroad you into another mopey mood. There are natural and cost-effective ways to improve your mood without shelling out hundreds to a therapist -- not that licensed therapists aren't a good idea if you're unable to manage your crankiness on your own. Check out these mood-enhancing products that will make you a happier, healthier person in minutes!


- Megan Rohrer | ChaCha Web Writer