Tips for Beating Anxiety Without Medication

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If you struggle with any level of anxiety, you know that it's one of the most frightening feelings you can have. Once you are set off, you can become almost paralyzed by fear, unable to take care of even basic tasks. When these attacks happen at night, it can make it nearly impossible to fall asleep, which then affects your behavior throughout the entire day.

The particularly scary thing about having an anxiety attack is that it can come out of nowhere, and the symptoms resemble those of heart attacks and other serious health problems. When the person begins to imagine that something more serious is wrong, the anxiety worsens, as do the symptoms. It's a vicious cycle of fear and pain.

For many people who suffer from severe anxiety disorders, medications are available to help combat the symptoms. Though this can be beneficial, many people search for behavioral alternatives to deal with their anxiety on a daily basis rather than taking medications.

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