Which 90s Films Are Cult Classics?

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The nineties were full of blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed films, but some of the best films just didn't fill the theater seats. These films gained popularity and grew a cult following when they were released to home video. Read on to find out which movies are the best cult classic films of the 90s!

The first cult classic is 'The Big Lebowski,' which released in 1998 and barely managed to sell enough tickets to cover the production costs. This unique film was created by the Coen brothers who are responsible for a number of other popular films. In 'The Big Lebowski,' Jeff Bridges plays the role of Jeffery "The Dude" Lebowski who gets entangled in a kidnapping plot with a millionaire's wife.

This film goes from one wacky situation to the next, but Lebowski's overly-relaxed attitude and seemingly endless supply of one-liners made 'The Big Lebowski' a film to watch over and over again.