Best Master's Degrees for Secure Jobs and High Salaries

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The Associated Press has recently reported that as much as 50% of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed--meaning they are employed in positions that do not require the use of the degree or skills they acquired in college. Given the rising cost of education and the increasing amount of debt that students are undertaking to pay for degrees they're told are necessary to find jobs that pay above minimum wage, this new finding is a sickening picture of the reality graduates will face as they enter the labor market.

But there are some graduate-level degrees that are worth the sticker shock. Forbes has released a list of the top 10 master's degrees in fields that pay the highest salaries and will have a steady need for educated minds to fill those positions, which means you should be earning enough to make big dents in your chunk of student loans. The list includes examples of jobs in each field, a projected employment rate, and median mid-career salary. Don't miss the additional rankings from U.S. News Education, which should help you narrow your search for graduate programs in these fields.