Extreme Ways To Pay Off Your Student Loans

Student Loans Are a Pain in the Class 1 of 11

If you are or have ever been a college student, you know the perils of graduating that dawn on us all by the time we prepare to exit our higher education and join "the real world":

  1. You have to leave your buddies and never again know the sheer joy of a crazy frat party.
  2. You have to grow up and try to get a real job - but you probably won't find one, so you'll have to take a job more akin to what you would've done in high school. (See: Retail or Food Service)
  3. You may still be single, which means you have quite a few more years ahead of you that will not only be filled with self-loathing over your crappy job, but you also will feel like a dateless loser.
  4. The real kicker: Student Loans

Student loans will sneak up on you when you least expect them. Right when you're really excited because you got a $1 raise at your burger-flipping gig, or because you managed to actually get a cute girl's phone number (even though you can't afford to take her out anywhere except a $4 round of mini golf and dinner from the dollar menu at Burger King), you'll get the message that you've been dreading for years:

Your first student loan payment is due.

Since you make next to no money already, and you see no likelihood of making any more money anytime soon, you become desperate. How are you going to pay for all of these bills you racked up for a degree that means absolutely nothing? How are you going to get this brick and ivy-covered monkey off of your back?

Click through this gallery to check out some extreme options that you might have to consider to help pay off those pesky student loans!