Aries Style

The Unique Aries 1 of 11

While the Aries gals are always looking for something comfortable, it is important that their wardrobe be unique, as well. That's why this open-back hoodie is perfect for the Aries! It combines a comfortable, sporty look with something completely unique. Aries are also known to draw attention to their faces with things like hats and headbands. These can be completely one-of-a-kind and attention grabbing all on their own!

Aries power colors are deep reds, bright yellows, and anything else that will pop when paired with neutrals. The Aries woman will leave the attention-getting to her clothes, and keep her shoes comfortable and simple; usually this means sticking to flats.

Aries women are strong, like their celebrity Aries sisters Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, and Diana Ross. These women just go to show you that there's really no way for an Aries woman to blend into the background. With a sense of style like this, you're sure to stand out!