What to Do If Your Significant Other Has an Addiction

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If you suspect that your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife has an addiction, the first step is to make sure he or she is truly addicted before you make any big moves. Granted, we cannot diagnose drug or alcohol dependency, you should look for signs that their is a real problem. There is a difference between having a few drinks with buddies on the weekends and drinking oneself into oblivion every night of the week. Also, though we don't condone illegal drug use, a hit off of a joint once a month or so probably doesn't signify an addiction if it isn't a frequent occurence and doesn't interfere with your partner's daily life. These activities may bother you, and you should still discuss it with your partner, but they probably do not have a serious addiction.

However, any foray into heavier drugs or the need for a drink everyday or to deal with problems is probably a sign that your guy or girl is headed down the wrong path. Also, don't forget that alcohol and illegal drugs are not the only things that people can become addicted to. More and more, prescription drugs are becoming a huge problem and people are becoming addicted to them, whether they have a prescription for them or not. Be aware if your partner is taking increasing doses of a narcotic prescription drug, such as Vicodin or Percocet, that is not beign advised by his or her doctor.