Science Projects With Fire

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When most people hear the word science, they tend to remember sitting in a classroom doing boring things like dissecting frogs. Science can be fun though -- all it takes is a little fire. Check out all these science experiments that involve fire and get ready to have a blast...literally.

The first science project explores the flammability of carbohydrates through the method of fire breathing. Professional fire breathers use alcohol and other liquid substances for a dramatic effect, but you can fire breathe easily and safely using a powdered carbohydrate. If you tried to burn the cornstarch in a pile on the ground, it won't burn very well, but it burns instantly when spread out in a dust cloud.

To start fire breathing, fill your mouth with a handful of cornstarch. Don't worry, it's non-toxic and doesn't taste that bad. Blow the corn starch out over a large fire, like a campfire, in a whistling-like method. Enjoy as you make some awesome looking fireballs!