Top 10 Reasons to Skip Class

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When you're in college, you're already aware that the burden is on you to get your butt to class and to make sure that it's there on time; no one is going to get after you to make sure you get to school each morning. And sometimes that's the benefit--no one is going to get after to you make sure you go to school each morning. When so many classes don't take attendence or give you a certain amount of "freebies" you can miss without a penalty, you can make the choice to skip the lecture hall for that hour if you so desire.

And we can think of 10 reasons why you just might choose to do so.*



*These 10 examples do not represent the smartest or the most rational reasons for ditching lecture, nor do we promise that skipping for any of these reasons won't bring consequences of some kind. You've been warned.