Being a Gleek: The Ultimate Love/Hate Relationship

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When 'Glee' got started back in 2009, the musical theater nerds and comedy lovers among us experienced something that until that point had eluded us: love at first sight. We finally had a show that was colorful, snarky, clever, and sparkly - everything we had ever dreamed of in a show! Well, that, and characters breaking into song. How could you possibly go wrong?

Well, somehow something did go wrong. Our beautiful, perfect show morphed into something a little bit strange. And although we'd like to pretend it just happened recently, those of us who are really honest will admit that it basically started happening in the second episode of season 1.

And yet we still keep watching, and we still keep obsessing, and we still keep singing and dancing along in front of our TVs like nothing ever changed. Why is that? How is it that we can fully know that what we are watching is ridiculous, and still love and enjoy it just the same?

It's all just a day in the life of a Gleek. Click through this gallery to continue our sad, yet oddly happy, story!