Best Exercises for Achieving Hot Abs

Bicycle Crunch 1 of 10

One hard-to-beat ab-strengthening exercise is the bicycle. This move targets the rectus abdominis, which you may know better as the six-pack. The bicycle is also effective in pinpointing the oblique muscles.

  • Lie on your back with your hands resting behind your head, gently propping up your head with your fingers
  • Raise your knees to your chest and slightly lift your shoulder blades from the floor simultaneously
  • Twist to your left, bringing your right elbow towards your left knee
  • Extend your opposite leg (in this case, right) and straighten it as your elbow reaches the knee 
  • Alternate sides by bringing your left elbow towards your right knee, and straighten your left leg
  • Continue altering sides for a set of 10-15 reps
  • Conduct 3 sets to complete the exercise