Tips for Losing Back Fat

Cardiovascular Fitness 1 of 9

Cardiovascular fitness is exercise that enhances blood flow and oxygen through the body through repetitive motion. It burns fat through the entire body and is your biggest asset in working off back fat.

Great cardiovascular exercises for burning back fat:

  • Rowing is a cardio exercise that fully utilizes the back muscles. When you row, you will not only lose fat but also tighten your muscles.
  • Running is your simplest anytime, anywhere cardio workout with the ability to burn calories.
  • Elliptical trainer gives you an intense whole body workout similar to running, but the arm movements hinge on resistance that will strengthen you upper body and back as well.
  • Swimming is an intense cardio exercise that burns major calories and targets your upper body.
  • Cross-country skiing is a full body exercise that will get your heart up and strengthen both your upper and lower body.