Determining Your Ideal Weight

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Determining your ideal weight is a practice met with differing methods depending upon who you ask. It's an often controversial topic in the fitness world because sometimes the measure is objective, while other times it's subjective.

It's good to remember that some people who appear to be overweight but who have a regular exercise routine may be far healthier than a thinner person who lacks any sort of active lifestyle. Also, just because you aren't entirely satisfied with your appearance may not necessarily mean you aren't within your ideal weight. In order to guide you in the direction of learning the fine points of ideal weight, we will:

  • Explain BMI
  • Breakdown the measurements
  • Emphasize different body compositions
  • Look at body fat percentage
  • Analyze body fat measurement methods
  • Use an ideal body weight calculator
  • Discuss the role of a healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise in pursuit of overall health