Unique Father's Day Gifts

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Make sure that your dad has a happy Father's Day this year! Don't just settle and buy him another tie or a new pair of slippers; get him something cool and unique that he will love and use. Check out all the great gift ideas in this gallery and buy your old man something great.

As far as great gifts go, any father would love to get this one on Father's Day. The turntable was a victim of the modern music era, but it has actually been enjoying a resurgence in recent years. Get the old fart one of these old school media players, and he'll flip his lid. Here's a few reasons why:

  • Huge nostalgia factor
  • He can use his old record collection again.
  • Able to digitize records for permanent storage
  • Reasonably priced

You can expect to spend around $75 to $150 on a decent turntable, but there are cheaper versions available if you're trying to keep the cost low.