Insane Strength Records

Most Benches Held Between Teeth 1 of 9

Chinese stuntman Li Hongxiao, 30, smashed a world record by holding an astounding 23 wooden benches in the air for 11 seconds with his teeth.

  • The 23 benches had a combined weight of 70 kilograms (154.23 lbs).
  • The previous Guinness World Record was held by Guo Guozhi at 14 benches.
  • Li began performing a sideshow "lion dance" act at the age of eight to earn money for his family.
  • He began holding objects such as bamboo poles, ladders and benches with his teeth in 2000.
  • Each bench was approximately three feet long, 18" high and weighed seven pounds.
  • The approximate figure of 154 lbs is more than Li's entire body weight.