Icky Habits That Everyone Has

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Every single one of us, without a doubt, has some sick and filthy habits that we perform when we're all alone. These things range from relatively normal stuff, like burping and nose-picking, to more creepy behaviors. like peeing on your toes in the shower and smelling your used tampons.*

Whatever it may be, all of us have been there. All of us have giggled at just how gross we are... and then been extremely grateful that nobody would ever have to know.

A few of you out there in cyberland will stumble upon this article and inevitably exclaim something like the following:

  • "Ew! I would never! That is deplorable."
  • "Whoever wrote this is a sick, sick woman! She belongs in a straight jacket to keep from licking her stitches."
  • "These habits are not normal. I haven't done a single one of these! So there!"

My response to you fine folks: Congratulations? What do you want, a trophy? Yes, dear. You are a perfect specimen of humanity, spotless and blameless down to your very core. You are a beautiful snowflake, and there is no one else like you!

Also, just stop. Everyone knows what you did in the shower this morning. We know and we're judging you.

So anyway, click through to find out what everyone is doing! You'll either discover that you aren't nearly as alone in your repulsiveness as you thought, or you'll be reminded yet again of how disgusting the rest of humanity really is.


*Seriously, I read about the tampon story once online. That really happened, and someone else stood by the girl and admitted to doing the same thing. I'm as shocked and apalled as you are.


- Allison Weaver, ChaCha Entertainment