How To Know If You Have An Eating Problem

If You Can't Pass a Vending Machine Without Buying Something 1 of 8

It's tough. You've got dollar bills and quarters jingling around in your purse or pocket, and a bottle of Mountain Dew paired with that chocolate brownie package on the bottom row of the vending machine sounds like a mighty scrumptious snack.

"But I'm on a diet!" you exclaim. "So many calories! So many added pounds! So many emotional breakdowns!"

Then your stomach raises his hand. "Um, Sir? (Or Ma'am.) I'd like to contribute to this conversation."

"Sure, that'd be fine. What do you think?"

"I think if you don't buy that Mountain Dew and brownie combo, I'm going to growl at you for the rest of the night."

So you give in and you buy them. And after you've consumed every ounce, you give in to the fact that you have a problem.