The Basics of Exercise Addiction

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Every fitness magazine, health class, personal trainer and self-help book will tell you that getting sufficient exercise is an absolutely imperative part of living a healthy life. Just as with anything else in life, exercise can become detrimental to your health if it becomes a total compulsion.

  • If you workout to the point that your livelihood and happiness rest solely in your ability to get your perceived need of exercise for the day, you may be in the strong hold of addiction.
  • As with every other addiction, a compulsive need to exercise can have crippling effects on your physical well-being, your social life and your state of mind.
  • Just because someone works out a great deal does not make that person an addict.
  • Conversely, just because a person seems in superior physical shape and is striving to condition his/her body into peak athletic performance or an ideal physique does not guarantee he/she is doing so in a healthy manner.