7 Signs You're Still Immature

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If your daily lexicon is riddled with "text speak," or gangster-isms, it's a clear sign that you're still an immature douche. "Omg, I cnt w8 2 c u 2mrO 4 ur paRtE!" or  "Omg, man. I was, like, yolo, you know?" doesn't make you look cool, and isn't even English in either case.

Chances are you have at least an eighth grade education, which means you're fully capable of stringing together simple, and even minorly complex, sentences. If you're out of high school and you're still talking like a too-cool-for-school tweenager, you're an immature douche.

Text speak:

  • makes you look uneducated (read: stupid)
  • shows that you're lazy (Did you really save that much time by eliminating one letter?)
  • is unnecessarily confusing and hard to read