7 Benefits of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

They contain no tobacco or tar 1 of 8

A recent survey found that 70% of smokers are thinking about quitting smoking, but only 32% have taken the first step towards that goal by talking to a physician to find out how to go about quitting. Electronic cigarettes are relatively new devices designed to be a smokeless alternative to a cigarette and can even aid in smoking cessation. Here are a few reasons electronic cigarettes are better than real cigarettes.

The harmful effects of cigarettes are pretty much common knowledge. Smoking can lead to emphysema, lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, and a frightening range of other diseases.

Electronic cigarettes are lacking in the majority of ingredients of real cigarettes that lead to these problems, chiefly among them tar, tobacco, and a lot of chemicals. Tar is the substance in cigarettes that leads to blackened lungs and the difficult breathing characteristic of long-time smokers.

They also contain about 1,400 less chemicals than real cigarettes. It's scary to think that there are even 1.400 chemicals in cigarettes to begin with!